miercuri, 17 septembrie 2014

Solar system

This is my painting of a solar system with a disk of space dust, ice and meteorits similar to Kuiper belt of our solar system and planets

joi, 11 septembrie 2014

Laniakea galaxy cluster

Last week I've read something and I've watched a video  that inspired me. It's about Laniakea, the galaxy cluster our galaxy is a part of. The beautiful shape of this galactic structure is one of the most beautiful artwork of nature and it deserves to be paited so I've made the oil on canvas painting above.

marți, 9 septembrie 2014

duminică, 7 septembrie 2014

The big bang and universe, new painting

I spent a lot of time thinking how the big bang can be represented in art and tring to imagine it. Two days ago I was reading about Laniakea, the big galaxy cluster our galaxy is a part of and the idea of painting the universe as a branched filamentous network emerging from one primordial singularity came to my mind. This is the paintings I've made during this weekend. It's an 100x120 cm oil on canvas painting about the Big Bang and the universe.

luni, 7 iulie 2014

Neutron stars

 These are my paintings of two neutron stars colliding, a fluorescent acrylics on canvas painting and a tempera painting I've made by the year 2011

vineri, 27 iunie 2014

Big bang

This is how I imagine the Big Bang, the universe emerging from an infinitely small point, the light, then the galaxies.

marți, 8 aprilie 2014

A galaxy and a space station

This is my painting of a galaxy, some asteroids, a planet and a space station. I've made this painting by the year 2004