miercuri, 12 octombrie 2011

Saturn and Enceladus

This is my painting of Saturn and it's moon Enceladus

joi, 6 octombrie 2011

Neutron stars colliding

This is my painting of a collision between two neutron stars. This is how gold in this universe is formed.

The life bringing comet

This is my acrylic on wood painting of a comet that is a failing on a planet similar to what Earth was over 3 000000000 years ago bringing life to that planet. According to the theory of panspermy comets contain in their ice bacteria that can survive in extreme conditions and colonize planets that can harbor life.

luni, 3 octombrie 2011

Satellite blue stars and comet

Satelit stele albastre si cometa

This is a space painting  I’ve made in 2003, my painting of a satellite some bright blue stars and a comet

Life on the moon of a Saturn like gas giant planet

Peisaj de pe satelitul unei planete gazoase tip Saturn undeva unde exista si viata si paduri asemanatoare cu cele din carbonifer

This is my pencil drawing of an alien place, somewhere on one of the moons of a Saturn like gas giant planet with rings where there is an ocean with trees similar to sigilaria and lepidodendron.

I’ve made this drawing this morning